Wealth Management

The foundation of wealth management is to truly know and understand each of our clients. Over the years of working with professional athletes, we have developed processes that have proven successful in making wise money decisions. These processes, based on our clients’ values and goals, enable them to achieve the safety, security, and peace of mind they want for themselves and their family.

We utilize our global banking relationships to coordinate the account set up process (credit cards, checking, savings), obtain mortgages, lines of credit, and automate bank sweeps during season to automate savings, bill pay, and distributions.

Investment Accounts
As a multi-asset class manager, we build portfolios diversified by asset class, size, geography, and style. With global clientele, we are licensed in the U.S. and Canada and provide multi-currency management capabilities.

Retirement Accounts
We help our clients understand and manage their retirement assets (league 401(k), pension plan), and strategically set allocations based on their individual parameters.

Wealth Forecast
Utilizing our customized forecasting tools, we provide in-depth analysis of future income, savings, taxes, and expenses. These budget and capital forecasts provide insight on how to manage client assets now and in the future.

Our team emphasizes post career mentoring to assist our clients in discovering opportunities and interests after their professional careers. This includes selecting appropriate courses, degrees, and assisting in all educational responsibilities.

We believe in needs-based insurance planning to manage risk and protect current assets and future income. We utilize life, disability, and other insurance policies to achieve this protection based on each client situation.

Real Estate
Our banking and real estate relationships allow us to assist in finding, financing, managing, and selling real estate properties for personal, vacation, or rental use.

Tax Planning
Collaborating with tax professionals, we implement investments tax-loss harvesting, assist in gathering necessary tax documents, and build tax conscience wealth management strategies.

Estate Planning
Working with legal professionals we guide our clients to create effective and efficient estate plans to ensure that family objectives are reached.